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Real Results

Real Results You Can See, Clean and Non-Toxic Formula
Our skin is a reflection of who we are and we want it to feel and look its best. Skin conditions such as sun spots, dark marks, and melasma are often due to DNA damage and are permanent. No skincare products can completely fix these issues. Hydroquinone, considered the gold standard in reducing hyperpigmentation, requires a few months of rest in between uses and has a controversial history of causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and can not be used while pregnant or nursing. Rather, LeCerre products are designed to feed your skin, replenishing what has been lost due to natural aging and environmental stresses.  Skin with proper balance of its natural composition of ceramides, lipids, collagen, and cholesterol, it can restore it's self-healing abilities and return back to healthy skin. Our formulas are intended to be clean, non-toxic and produces real results that are visible.
Fade dark spots and get even, glowing skin with one easy step.
"I work in manufacturing and my face has lots of spots due to the rough conditions.  I also have not been good with using sunblock in my early days.  My wife gave me this bottle of Rapid Brightening Serum and so far, it has been easy to for to use.  I just put it on once in the morning and once at night.  Looks like my skin is more even, my dark spots are fading, and my skin looks good.  My wife likes it so I'm happy!" 
- Tony L. (San Jose, CA)
Gently and safely get rid of stubborn melasma and get even, glowing skin.
"Love the results I am seeing with this product.  The Rapid Brightening Serum is light and makes my skin feel hydrated. After a few weeks of use, I started to see my stubborn dark patch disappear. Overall my skin is glows!  I am so happy with this product and can't recommend it enough.  It is a must in my new skin care routine."
- Alex A. (Los Angeles, CA)