Cathy Beaupain knows first-hand the frustrations of sifting through endless aisles of skin care products, only to leave empty-handed. As an executive in the skin care industry working with some of the world’s top skin care brands, Cathy experienced an arrant lack of products in the global marketplace specifically formulated to help meet the needs of ethnic women. And as an active mother of three, Cathy battled hormonal melasma after her third pregnancy and suffered marks left behind from adult acne. 


With little to no options available to redeem her former glow, Cathy decided that the only way to make a difference was to be the difference. In her words, “I had tremendous access to well-known clinical brands, many of which were quite expensive. And yet, I couldn’t find a single product that would fade my acne marks and melasma gently. At first, I was frustrated. Then, after a full year of testing every product and device available, I turned that frustration into action. From then on I was determined to formulate a skincare line that could help solve the issues of hyperpigmentation for skin of color.” 


With that, LeCerre was born. 


Cathy returned to her roots as a trained biochemist and poured all her time into researching skin diversity. It was during this search that she began to take special notice of the critical ingredients & concentrations, as well as their variable effects on different skin types. Through her research coupled with countless trials and testing, Cathy created a skin care line out of pure passion, unrelenting diligence, and a genuine devotion for showcasing natural beauty in all shades. 


“I want every woman to feel confident and included in their own skin. For so long, women of color haven’t been properly represented in the mainstream marketplace. I feel proud to build a brand with a focus on ethnic skin, and a mission to transform lives.” 


Love & Light — Cathy Beaupain



LeCerre Skincare was born & raised in Los Angeles, California – One of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. And although our mission started with skin, it won’t end until the world lives in a better place. LeCerre skincare philosophy is about simplifying the skin care routine with the goal of reducing waste. Each LeCerre product is designed to give multiple benefits and intended to replace several products. Additionally, every time you purchase a LeCerre product, we’ll donate 1% of sales to support underserved communities globally. LeCerre is a proud member of 1% For The Planet.