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Zoom Rose Water Facial Mist - LeCerre
Zoom Rose Water Facial Mist - LeCerre

Rose Water Facial Mist



About Rose Water Facial Mist  

What it is: A hydrating and refreshing face mist made with pure rose water.

Why it’s different: 

  • Fights Dryness and Dullness: Instantly hydrates and wakes up the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed.
  • Antioxidant: Naturally rich in antioxidants that fight UV-induced skin damage, including hyperpigmentation.
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory: Has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe acne and redness prone skin.
  • Naturally fragrant: With fresh, natural rose scent that enhances mood and leaves you feeling calm Pure:  Not mixed with any other ingredients to retain all its properties and nutrients.



<p><strong>Full Ingredients List:</strong></p>
<p>100% Pure Rosa Damascena Water</p>

How to Use

Spritz onto face after cleansing, before or after makeup, or anytime your skin needs a pick-me-up