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What is micro-encapsulation and why it matters in great skincare products?

Encapsulation provides an effective method to cover an active compound with a protective wall material and thus, offers numerous advantages. These bioactive components include antioxidants, lipids, peptides, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and living cells such as probiotics. Some of the main benefits are the protection of various actives against evaporation and chemical degradation. The preservation of bioactive components' stability during processing and storage ensures that you are receiving the highest quality and most potent ingredients at the time of application. Additionally, encapsulation enables precision delivery of the bioactive compounds to the layers of your skin for maximum benefits.

Encapsulation is an important approach to meet all demands by delivering bioactive ingredients at the right time and right place. It is an attractive methodology where two or more bioactive components can be combined in a single formulation to offer improved and synergistic effects. It is however an expensive manufacturing technique and are reserved for clinical products.