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Trained Biochemist Breaks the Walls of the Skin care Industry

Trained Biochemist Breaks the Walls of the Skin care Industry

Key Points

  • The U.S. facial skincare market is estimated to be about $7 billion and growing exponentially, according to research firm Mintel.
  • Despite the number of products and information available to help individuals achieve flawless skin, consumers seem to be frustrated with the quality and effectiveness of products.
  • LeCerre Modern Skincare believes that skin care products can be more effective when it is created for a specific skin type as the skin biochemistry.
  • To understand the best ingredients that gives the best results in skin care, LeCerre Modern Skincare relies on clinical tests conducted on diverse skin tones that biochemist and founder Cathy Beaupain reviews through her research. 

LeCerre was founded on a belief that everyone should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. This is because LeCerre’s founder Cathy Beaupain, a Vietnamese immigrant who moved to the US at the age of 3, understands what it is like to look and feel like an outsider. Growing up, she said she was “heavily shaped by those around me, especially those who took the few extra minutes to make sure I understood a lesson or the context of a situation.” Since her humble beginnings, Cathy earned her Biochemistry and MBA degrees at UCLA and most recently, served as an executive in the skin care industry for a Fortune 100 retailer. Every year, producers, manufacturers, and companies spend billions of dollars producing skincare products and promising results of flawless, ageless skin to their consumers. Yet, despite the promises of skincare companies, consumers walk away year after year frustrated with the results of their skin. Even more, consumers with darker skin tones suffer from the lack of options to reduce their unique skin concerns, especially dark spots and hyperpigmentation. As an industry insider, Cathy was surprised to witness the lack of attention dark skin toned consumers received from the skin care and beauty industry.

Cathy too felt these frustrations first hand. She battled melasma and dark spots left behind from adult acne. Furthermore, since she has a skin type that tans easily, these dark spots stayed with her even longer. Despite having access to over 600 skin care brands, Cathy was unable to find products that would address her pigment issues safely and effectively. After several years working alongside some of the world’s top skincare professionals, she decided it was time to return to her roots as a trained biochemist to develop a solution specific for her and for others with similar skin type.

“In working in the skin care industry, I have learned that everyone will tell you what and how you should take care of your skin. My one advice is to keep it simple and make it your own because only you know your skin best. Remove as many unnecessary ingredients in your skin care routine as possible. When you use too many different types of products, it can be difficult for your skin to get acclimated and therefore, these products may contribute towards inflaming your skin and causing your sebum to get overactive. Rather, focus on safe ingredients and give your skin time to adjust and change.”

Cathy’s goal was just this: to build an inclusive skincare brand backed by science to formulate products that are highly effective in a simple, low effort skincare routine. After two years of countless trials and tests, she pioneered LeCerre’s Rapid Brightening Serum, the world’s first brightening serum for ethnic skin. Formulated for sensitive dark skin tones with Fitzpatrick Skin type 3 and above, it is 3 products in 1: a moisturizer, smoother, and brightener. The Rapid Brightening Serum blends high-quality active ingredients that synergistically work to boost skin luminosity and reduce the appearance of dark pigments by inhibiting tyrosinase, a critical enzyme in making melanin in your skin. It does its magic without the use of harsh chemicals like hydroquinone and kojic acid, both of which can be irritating to the skin.

Cathy Beaupain is not just a mom who tinkered in the kitchen to make skincare product; rather she is a trained biochemist who collated massive amounts of research to formulate skin care products backed by science. She is breaking down the walls of the skincare industry and revolutionizing products to be more specific to those with darker skin tones. For so long, women of color haven’t been properly represented in skincare research as thus, skincare products. Everyday, Cathy is taking action to change this paradigm and make the skincare industry more inclusive. LeCerre, also known as “the individual” is more than just a skincare brand, it is fostering a community of those with ethnic skin tones so that we can be our most beautiful selves, inside and out.