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NCAA Softball Champion and UCLA Student Speaks About Prevention of Skincare

NCAA Softball Champion and UCLA Student Speaks About Prevention of Skincare

Hi everyone! On behalf of the team here at LeCerre, we want to thank you for your interest in LeCerre Modern Skincare. One of the biggest gaps in social media today is the levels of honesty and vulnerability. At LeCerre, our mission and philosophy are to encourage this transparency so that we can grow together. Every week I will either be doing a #LeCerreSkinStory which highlights an individual and shares their personal skin stories, struggles, and successes or a #Didyouknow about a beauty or lifestyle trend.

This week I had the opportunity to interview NCAA softball champion and current UCLA student Julie Rodriguez. Julie’s softball journey started when she was just 5 years old. She began playing tee ball then switched to recreation but she was found too good and too aggressive for recreation at an early age. Since she was so used to her brother throwing the ball at her, she was used to throwing the ball way harder and immediately moved to playing club in New Jersey. She then spent a few years playing club in New Jersey where she had to drive to practice almost 2 hours away since no good teams were around her area. When she was 14, she finally found her fit on a traveling team and travelled all around the country when she was later recruited by UCLA.

Every morning, Julies starts her day at 5 am to practice with her team for about 2 hours. Then, she attends classes before heading into the gym in the afternoon to train using weights. Aside from softball and school, Julie works part time marketing jobs and is involved in the sorority Delta Gamma. Julie truly does it all!

With spending so many hours training and playing outside, Julie is in the sun constantly. Additionally, all the demands of being a student athlete add to the stress that Julie deals with daily. Looking and feeling good is a priority, but for Julie, it needs to be simple and effective. A simple skincare approach which can fit into her hectic and physically demanding schedule is something Julie values.

She shares her most recent skin struggles with “rosacea and redness on cheeks.” Julie says that “social media gives me unrealistic beauty standards in all aspects but probably in skin the most dramatically. Skin is so easily retouched that it creates perfectly flawless skin on influencers and celebrities that make me feel that my skin (which is relatively good) will never be as perfect as I want it to be.” This is a common struggle that many millennials face today. Social media and photo editing techniques can make girls look flawless when in reality, we are all dealing with similar skin struggles.

While many millennials face similar struggles through social media, individuals like Julie also face new and different skin problems as they progress through life. Julie shares her skin journey with us: “My skin has stayed relatively the same since my youth. I rarely get pimples but when I do they are on my chin or eyebrow line and tend to be due to diet or stress. They are so rare that I never did much to my skin. I’ve continued to struggle with the redness on my cheeks and am hopeful that LeCerre helps me with that as well as my under eyes bags.” Julie emphasizes a very important point, her skin has “relatively stayed the same since (her) youth.” Julie is extremely lucky to not go through severe skin issues, but she is still taking the steps necessary to take care of her skin as a preventative measure to keep her skin healthy and keep future sun spots at bay. The concept of prevention of skin care typically becomes more important as you get older but Julie has taken the time and energy to focus on her skin early on in the game.

On behalf of the team here at LeCerre, we would like to thank Julie for sharing her #LeCerreSkinStory with us. For a chance to be entered into our monthly giveaway, just answer our quick survey question on our Instagram highlight that is titled “giveaway.” Be sure to keep up with our Instagram which is @lecerreskincare and happy holidays!