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LeCerre Skincare’s first Brand Ambassador, Dr. Natasha Baah

Meet LeCerre Skincare’s first ever Brand Ambassador for 2021 Dr. Natasha Baah, a graduate of the osteopathic medical program Ohio University.  LeCerre Skincare is a high performing clean skincare designed to address the specific needs of pigmented skin tones.  We have a mission to support underserved communities globally and believe that all of us have the power to make a positive impact to benefit the world.  LeCerre Skincare celebrates bold, confident, and authentic women and we believe Dr. Baah exemplifies all these qualities.

Natasha Baah is a beauty enthusiasts, medical professional, and passionate advocate for diversity in medicine.  Our founder Cathy was able to interview Natasha and learn about her story.  Throughout their conversation, Natasha speaks with refreshing candor about her early skin struggles and how that provided motivation to pursue a career in medicine and her research focus in skin of color.  

Natasha moved to Dayton, Ohio from the United Kingdom as a ten year old in 1998.  For an average teenage girl, such a transition would be a traumatic experience.  But for Natasha, she proved herself to be adaptable and resilient.  It was during this time period that she developed a skin condition where she was losing skin pigmentation.  She sought the help of local doctors, all of whom didn’t have a diagnosis but only prescribed standard creams that never worked.  Luckily, Natasha was able to score an appointment with a holistic specialist that had a year long waitlist.  It was at this fateful doctor’s visit that Natasha learned that her skin condition has a name, tinea versicolor and that she was finally able to receive the proper treatment.  Throughout those years, Natasha realized all these doctors she had sought help from just didn’t have the experience or knowledge to treat her dark skin.  It wasn’t until she was seen by a doctor who had a diverse caseload that she found her answer. This experience taught her the need and importance of having diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives especially in medicine.  

Dr. Baah's journey in medicine has never been easy, but it’s this passion and belief in diversity that she remains steadfast in her pursuit.  Medicine is a long road that requires dedication and passion.  Natasha is on a mission to help others, like how she was helped in her teenage years.  She was the recipient of the Arnstein Minority Student Scholarship in 2018 which is awarded for deserving students to increase diversity in osteopathic medicine.  She is a published researcher in the PMFA Journal with the article titled, “Hydroquinone-induced hyperpigmentation: a case of exogenous ochronosis in a Hispanic patient.”  Natasha is a passionate advocate for patient health education and ensuring patients understand the risks and benefits of certain medicine and their proper use.  Natasha is currently resident physician in her first year of practice. 


Dr. Baah’s unique background and perspective is what makes her stand out.  LeCerre Skincare applauds her continued advocacy for diversity in medicine and couldn’t be prouder to have her as our Brand Ambassador.  Natasha Baah is a natural talent and possesses an authentic voice.