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Burns Breaks Down Stereotypes

 Burns Breaks Down Stereotypes

Ursula Burns did not let growing in the projects of NY stop her from becoming one of the most successful black females of our generation.

Burns comes from a family of three children and was raised by a single mother. Her mother worked at a home day care center and also had side jobs or cleaning to pay for Burns to attend a Catholic preparatory school. Burns was raised in a low-income housing project near Manhattan’s lower east side. Burns did not take this for granted and used this opportunity to excel in school and she eventually earned her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Ursula Burns proved she is a fast learner and highly adaptable.

Burns quickly finished her master’s degree in 1981 where she then joined Xerox full time. She moved up from roles in product development in 1992 to senior vice president of corporate strategic services, to President in 2007, then to CEO in 2010 and later became chairman of the board.

Ursula Burns is a revolutionist.

When Burns started working at Xerox, she transformed their focus from products to services and she spearheaded the acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services in 2010. Even though these efforts failed to achieve success for Xerox, she continued to pursue her career and keep being an independent venture conduit for the company. Burns had a vision at Xerox and despite declining revenue, she never let the fear of failure from holding her back.

Ursula Burns is a political activist.

During the time Burns became CEO, President Obama asked her to spearhead the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education coalition. Additionally, she served as a member of the President’s Export Council and she chaired the committee from 2015-2016. Burns was much more than just a business woman. She was an activist and was heavily involved in politics to make a positive difference in society.

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