Clean Performance Skincare for Ethnic Skin

Quality Ingredients.
Thoughtful Formulation.
Honest Price.


About Us

Our name LeCerre means "the individual" because we recognize that every skin is different. Our ethnic backgrounds clearly influence the appearance and physiology of our skin. Different skin needs different skin care. Led by this insight, LeCerre was born to create clean, non-toxic performance skincare for skin with pigments anyone who can tan easily with Fitzpatrick Skin Type III or above.

Easy Skin Care for Better Skin and a Better Planet.

Created to meet the distinctive needs of ethnic skin backed by science, inspired by tradition. At LeCerre, our philosphy is to simplify the skincare routine - just a few easy steps. Fewer steps mean fewer bottles and less waste! Each product packs high quality active ingredients that offer multiple benefits to your skin. Save time and save the planet.

quality ingredients

Quality, Non-Toxic Ingredients

We spend years choosing the right combination of ingredients and at the right concentration - all to help your skin rejuvenate, renew, and restore your skin to health. Each ingredient in our formulations has a purpose to benefit the skin. No fillers. No additives. No bad stuff.

thoughful formulation

Thoughtful Formulation

We believe that better can be simpler. That's why each product we create is designed to give multiple benefits aimed at eliminating the need for multiple skin care products. Simplifying the skin care rou-tine means more time for you and better for the planet with fewer bottles in the landfill.

honest prices

Honest Pricing

Each LeCerre product is the ultimate multi-tasker with skin benefits equivalent to using 2-3 other products. Save money and receive more value from using LeCerre products. Even better, by selling directly to customers, we are able to avoid the retail markup and pass on the savings to you.

Product Ethos

Most skin care is made with a European framework of beauty and based on older dermatological research where test subjects were of pale, white skin. That didn't seem right to us - so, we took a more focused approach to develop clinical skin care for skin of color that is inspired by tradition and driven by science. The goal is to result in healthy, glowing skin in your own natural skin tone.

anti-aging cream to reduce wrinkles
skincare for latina, asians, dark skin

Real Results.

The Rapid Brightening Serum was tested by real people eager to address their dark marks, brown spots and melasma. Many shared their disappointments with other treatments like laser and hydroquinone. See their real results taken from their own camera.

serum removes melasma dark patches
use serum for 30 days to fade dark spots
risk free buying with 60 days moneyback
  • Results & Benefits
  • ✓ Sun spots lightened
  • ✓ Pores minimized
  • ✓ Smoother skin

Validated by Real People.

“This serum has an effective blend of active ingredients designed to target dark spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma. If you are someone with stubborn acne or sun damage, this is for you!”



“...They have formulated a rapid brightening serum made for ALL skintones. Diminishes the look of dark spots hyperpigmentation and melasma. This one step process also helps people with darker skintomes (or anyone who might scar more easily), because it does not irritate while reducing pigments…”



“Hey everyone! I don’t usually post stuff like this but I had to share LeCerre’s Rapid Brightening Serum with you all. I’ve been using this product for quite some time now and it radically improves any dark spots, previous acne marks, and gives you a natural brightening glow. Being in the sun all the time, this is a great product for me to always use! Also this product is backed by science and founded by a chemist and previous alumni from UCLA.”



“As I get older I am really trying hard to take better care of my skin. Between hormones during my pregnancies and being out in the sun I am constantly reaching for products that brighten and even out my skin tone...It honestly could not be any easier to’s just 1 step! Many similar products require multiple steps so this keeps it simple. I just apply it under my moisturizer moring and night and my skin feels so fresh and smooth. I also tend to have senistive skin and this does not break me out or clog my pores at all.”