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What customers are saying

One of the best serums I have ever tried. This serum was light and not greasy. I loved the fresh scent! I started to notice lighten after about 6-8 weeks.

Alyssa M.

I was introduced to this product by a doctor. I have been getting laser to rid my stubborn dark spots and doctor recommended I use this for maintenance. This serum works! 

Sandra K.

This is the magic serum! My face has never looked so good. I now have a more even skin tone and my face just glows. 

Julie N.

I used this product for a week now and I noticed a big difference with my skin. My skin is softer and smoother. Overall I’m very impressed with this product!

Jenny N.

I bought the Radiance rose body oil. It is so soothing. This is now my daily driver body oil."



We create our formulas from scratch, based on clinical research that focuses on skin tone diversity.  Restore skin health and get results.

No Questionable Ingredients

We choose not to use chemicals with a controversial history, especially on pigmented skin tones. No fillers, just good-for-you ingredients.

Simple & Better

Great skin should not require 10 steps. It should be about nourishing and replenishing what has been lost. Repair your skin from within.

WHY LECERRE SKINCARE - Hydroquinone free

Sun spots, dark marks, and melasma are considered the top issues for brown skin. Since these conditions are often due to skin DNA damage, no skincare product can completely fix these issues. Dermatologists often use a combination of a high concentration of hydroquinone and laser, but these solutions offer temporary results and brown spots often reappear.  Those with brown or dark skin are also not great candidates for hydroquinone and laser due to risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation—meaning the dark spots can come back darker. LeCerre Skincare offers an alternative solution to balancing skin health and achieving noticeable results, giving you a brighter skin tone, a more even texture, and a lit-from-within glow.



Reduce the appearance of dark marks, acne scars, and melasma without the use of hydroquinone. Reduce the appearance of dark marks, acne scars, and melasma without the use of hydroquinone. Youthful complexion with smooth texture and minimized pores. Hydrate and moisturize the skin with increase natural collagen, lipids, and cholesterols.


The LeCerre Skincare line has been exclusively formulated to address the distinct needs of pigmented skin tones by utilizing decades of melanin-focused research, a passion for embracing our heritage, and personal experiences from women just like you.

We believe that the quality, freshness, and potency of our products are the cornerstones of great skincare. At LeCerre, we don’t see color—we see you. And we’re honored to celebrate you in every shade, every day.